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Distributor of International Food & Beverages

Imperia Foods is Nostalgic Culture, Exquisite Service, Luxury Brand

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The company was founded in 2006, in Republic of Korea. Since foundation day, we have been continuously growing, modernizing internal business processes, optimizing the quality and efficiency of working with customers and suppliers. During proccess of developing, we made our own business modelwhich we actively use to expand our own network, also we promote and share technologies to our partners. We always strive for better results and welcoming any criticism, it helps us in a timely and effective manner to eliminate our weaknesses.

Currently the "Imperia Group Company" has a warehouse area of 3.000 square meters, bread and meat factory in Hwasong City, own a business center in Seoul City, distribution points in major cities like: Seoul, Busan, Ansan, Gwangju. We created our own retail network of 520 registered sales outlets and weare the largest and most influential company in the field of our activity, the assortment covers more than 730 items, the company employs 84 people.